IBN uses Sageworks financial analysis tool called "Profit-cent " to assist CFOs' Services and End Customers who cannot appoint full-time CFOs for their strategic business management.

Profit-cent is a web-based software program that interprets financial statements into a plain-language narrative report, including ratios, graphs, industry comparisons, and trend analysis. The reports are speedy and easy to generate, and accountants use them in 3 main ways:

  • As a value-added part of their management discussion
  • As a part of the analytical procedures for audits and reviews
  • As a marketing and business development resource

As a progressive accounting outsourcing firm, IBN is always actively looking for ways to elevate our role and add value to our services to CFOs and End Customers.

IBN has started using Sagework's financial analysis tool and satisfied several customers by delivering qualitative and cost-effective services to take IBN services to the next level and value addition. With Assistance from CFO's Services, you can check our Virtual Bookkeeping Services.

Services offered to CFO's

  • Accounting Health check
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Month End Closing
  • Preparing Weekly Cash Forecast
  • Preparing & Setting up Budgets
  • Budget V/S Actual reporting and analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Live Industrial data analysis with ratio analysis
  • Preparation of Financials reports for Management

Benefits with IBN's Assistance To CFO

With the help of third-party software and excel expertise, we have provided services to CFOs for the past six years in US and UK; by using our services CFOs are managed to acquire more business and their growth rate is gone up by 15% few key Benefits & Features are as follows —

  • It Streamlines preliminary analytics and keeps us with audit and review standards
  • Increase Consistency and Speed with ratio analysis, documenting calculations, and reporting
  • Improve Clients' Cash Flow by identifying and prioritizing business improvements
  • Provide Narrative reports with actual industry data comparison from trusted sources
  • Win client confidence with high level and accurate projections with business continuity plans
  • Save Time and Reduce Risk with automated workflow and online document management