Travel Industry

IBN has a team of experts for the BPO travel industry, where you will locate a predominant group of experts with significant aptitude and ability. Being a travel BPO outsourcing organization, there is a consistent push to get increasingly business for our clients & provide end-to-end travel illustrations diverting high-cost to minimal effort alternatives.

IBN has a fruitful and persisting trail in finishing key measurements grasping administration levels, transformation rates, normal request esteem and month-to-month repeating income for our customers.

Our service offerings for Travel BPO includes:

BPO (Voice & Non Voice)


Payroll Services

Controller Services

Cloud Servers

"Travel management is another tricky dimension that can give a vital favorable position when outsourced."

Specific Service offering includes:-

General Inquiries

Chat Support

Cancellations and Reschedules

Customer Satisfaction Surveys, E-mail Handling

Complaints/ Correspondence Handling

Customer Sales/Bookings and Reservations

Analytics and Newsletters

Net/Contract Fare Management

Seat Upgrades and Waitlist Clearance

Cancellations and Reschedules

Refunds and Exchanges Management

Fulfilment, PNR Completion and Update

Receivables Reconciliations

Expense Accounting

Payables Reconciliations


We are a travel BPO outsourcing company in the USA where it is a constant effort to get more and more business for our customers. IBN has a successful and enduring trail in accomplishing key metrics embracing service levels, conversion rates, average order value and monthly recurring revenue for our clients. As a travel BPO outsourcing company in the USA, we have acute exposure to aiding travel agencies to ascend profits, service levels, and customer satisfaction for their online customer base.