5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Hiring a Virtual Bookkeeper

As you sow, so shall you reap!!

An old proverb but brings in a lot of meaning in the topic what we are going to discuss ahead.

The more intelligently you hire a virtual bookkeeper, the more efficiently you get your returns in the long-run. You cannot afford going wrong when you undertake the process of hiring a virtual bookkeeper for small business as it is a very tricky choice and will decide the efficacy of managing your books.

Let's try not committing the following mistakes while hiring a virtual bookkeeper for small business:

1. Not knowing it all:

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper for small business can be quite a task if you do not be prepared with the blueprint of work. For e.g.; what are the arenas where you would require assistance from the virtual bookkeeper, for how many hours would you need him/her etc. Formulating a job description can be a sensible idea so that you find your right fit. It might take away a bit too much of your time, but have faith; it's all worth it!!

2. Being hasty:

Sometimes, people tend to be in a hurry during hiring a virtual bookkeeper for small business. The reasons can be multiple; they might think this task of hiring a virtual bookkeeper as an unimportant and petty task, also the firm might not have the right person who could judge and hire a proper bookkeeper profile.

What are the blunders that may occur if you are too impetuous during hiring a virtual bookkeeper for small business?

  • You may miss out on discussing or bargaining the per hour rate that he/she will be charging? Very important point!!!
  • Also you might miss out on conforming whether all supplies would be from the bookkeeper's end.
  • How strong is his/her educational background? Does he/she hold a certification from a recognized university?
  • Adding to this, you must never forget to enquire that whether you be assigned a project manager or not for smooth functions and operations.
  • Nevertheless, hiring a virtual bookkeeper for small business has to be taken as a diligent and careful method.
  • 3. Not ensuring the manpower aspect:

    While hiring a virtual bookkeeper for small business, one must make sure that the bookkeeper he is hiring will be carrying end to end bookkeeping activities and not limiting to only a few. It must not happen that down the line, the business owner has to take the pain of hiring additional bookkeeping staff to perform the remaining bookkeeping affairs. This may ultimately lead to an expensive situation and may also end up reflecting losses in the company's final balance sheet.

    4. Not Timing it:

    If you are hiring a virtual bookkeeper for small business, and he/she happens to be from a different country, you need to make certain that the time difference or time zone isn't too huge from yours. This will make your work even tougher and tiring. You will find difficulty in coordination and receiving the reports and tasks from the virtual bookkeeper; as a result your investment might go in vain.

    5. Being naïve about the security factor:

    The business owner during hiring a virtual bookkeeper for small business must see that all the data of the organization is stored in a safe and secure manner by the virtual bookkeeper. It is even better if the virtual bookkeeper has strong built-up of software's to safeguard the data of its clients. If the virtual bookkeeper doesn't meet this criteria, it is advisable to not to go for the alliance.

    December 27, 2016