6 Low Cost and Low Risk Ways to Get Bookkeeping Services for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are really weary of the money that they spend, that includes the money spent on hiring bookkeepers, so it is only fitting that they look for low cost and low risk ways to get outsourced bookkeeping services.. This article gives you 6 ways to get bookkeeping for low so that you may be able to use the business's money elsewhere.

1.) Ask help from family and friends.

What better way to reduce costs on bookkeeping than to ask the most likely people to help you for almost nothing in return. Although this may not be the most ethical way of viewing things, you are in fact helping them too in a way. You give family and friends, who are willing to do the task, the experience of working which they may add to their resumes and portfolios. And if you happen to like them and how they perform you may also be inclined to pay them too!

2.) Lookup Craigslist.

Newspaper ads are old school and costly. Two things that you want to avoid nowadays. Craigslist is neither of that. Craigslist offers an extensive list (heh) of people willing to do jobs including bookkeeping. If you don't find what you're looking for, make a post saying that you're looking for bookkeepers for cheap. You'll be surprised at just how many people would take up your offer.

3.) Do it yourself.

Low cost but not exactly low risk! If you have the know-how then why not do the bookkeeping yourself? It may eat up your time though but for the time being where you might be low on funds, it just might save your business.

4.) Posting paper ads.

You can always resort to printing a poster ad and stapling it to the neighbourhood's various street lights and posts. Printing might be cheap, depending on where you are, and this may not always succeed in finding willing people in the neighbourhood but the risks are low as you lose almost nothing at all aside from the money used for printing.

5.) Break the bank.

The least risky way of getting proper bookkeeping services is being willing to spend a little more. Although this may not be low cost (obviously), it is the least risky as this widens the potential bookkeepers that you may be able to hire.

6.) How Much Will It Cost You?

It depends on what you're looking for. If have spare time and can do a bit of accounting once a month, then you could save by getting a part-time bookkeeper. This may range at around $45-65 per hour.

A fulltime, however, will cost you about $35,000 to $55,000 annually. As pricey as it may seem, but it's worth the cost. They keep everything up-to-date in details.

Finally, if you want to customize a variety of bookkeeping services, outsourcing would be the best for you. It starts from $500 up to $ 2,500 per month depending on the services you need.

May 12, 2017