The Emergence of Virtual Financial Planners

Historically, every industry has viewed financial planning as something that clients or vendors sit across tables and discuss in details. Financial planners on their part then take business houses through different solutions to face financial challenges and quantify their processes to eventually reap benefits. Everything from finding new clients to serving them was associated with meetings.

However, an innovative model known as virtual financial planning changed everything for good. A virtual CFO uses various web tools and software to provide financial advice and solutions to clients. Moreover, this is not dependent on the location where the virtual CFO is based or where the client has office.

The emergence of virtual CFO services like those offered by IBN Technologies Limited serve clients from different domains for financial advice that lead to cost savings along with efficient use of technology. This will be in lieu for traditional office infrastructure requirements associated with hiring in-house financial experts.

The evolution of Virtual CFO:

Virtual CFO is a very popular concept in finance and accounting domain within industries. It may refer to a single individual or a group of individuals who work as outsourced service providers and cater to every financial requirement of enterprises. It has been an age old tradition that large business houses appoint qualified Chief Financial officers (CFOs) to carry out financial operations. However, with the mushrooming of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the need of CFOs doubled. But, paying heavy remuneration to existing CFOs who were readily accepted by large scale organisations was difficult. Thus, the concept of Virtual CFO served as an effective way out for SMEs. Now, all startups could avail quality services from an expert virtual CFO at an affordable cost from IBN Technologies limited.

Virtual CFO - An answer to local constraints

Another very significant role played by virtual CFO services from IBN Technologies was that it made financial planning mobile and not restricted to a particular area, city or state. Just a few years back, many business owners felt that they had to endure huge financial expenditure if they wished to avail the best services from expert financial advisers in town. It was discouraging as they had to commute long distances to meet advisers in person that involved not only money, but excess time and energy.

However, today IBN Technologies Limited has taken care of this issue with expert virtual CFO services, without you spending any extra money or time on these tasks. Complimenting Virtual CFO Services, IBN team is also proficient in bookkeeping services, Payroll Processing as well as Tax Preparation Services. Virtual CFO is one of the highest used services offered by any outsourced service provider. And IBN is a growing service partner in this field. IBN technologies Limited have an expert team of virtual CFOs who aim at rendering high quality services for end users. Thus, virtual business platform is a perfect solution brought to us by science and technology. And for those who want to see a sustained growth of their business in the global market over the coming years, existence in this virtual world is simply mandatory.

So, if you are convinced enough about hiring a Virtual CFO, we at IBN technologies may prove ourselves as a trusted partner for your flourishing business when you get in touch with us at

March 10, 2016