Qualities To Look For while hiring a Business Accountant

We all know that finding a business accountant for your start-up company plays a crucial role as it will determine the end-result of your business. One single number wrong, and it messes up the entire calculation of your company leading it to become a hindrance of any progress.

Career Builder conducted a study in 2014 to see if there's any significant difference between “soft skills” and “hard skills”. To simply put it, hard skills are usually what clients look for – it's what's written on paper. Resumes may play an important factor when choosing a candidate, but it doesn't stand alone.

In the research conducted, they were able to find out that soft skills are as important as hard skills. In fact, 16% of the interviewees said that soft skills are more important. Unlike hard skills that can be taught, soft skills are based on character.

Here are things you need to keep an eye on:

1. Technologically advanced.

Accountants know that the basic fundamental is having a solid grasp on GAAP; however, that's not enough. Times are changing, and a good accountant would take the time to attend seminars, conferences, and refreshers to be up-to-date with any changes of tax laws and the likes.

2. Excellent Organizational Skills.

It's a fact that their work requires hours of crunching numbers, and papers on their desk are heavily piled up. A good accountant would keep everything in place, have a solid schedule, and an organized desk. This in return would save the company from any blunders.

3. Keen Eye for Details.

Accuracy is a must. Any lost numbers could possibly cause the company millions. Meticulousness should be a second-nature to an effective accountant.

4. Responsible

He should take responsibility of any end-result – whether they may be good or bad. Mistakes are to be expected, but taking responsibility means growing from those mistakes, and accepting it as his own.

5. Considerate

It's definitely a huge bonus points for an accountant to get out of their way and understand what the client's business objective is. An accountant's advice on finances would definitely boost sales and revenues.

6. Team player.

He should be open to sharing his knowledge to his teammates in order for the company to grow. It's a must for him to attend meetings with clients and give his suggestion for business growth.

7. Flexibility

He should be level-headed at all times. There are always unforeseen circumstances, and it takes a calm accountant to analyze a way to resolve the issue without raising commotion.

8. Positive Outlook.

Hiring for Attitude, a book written by Mark Murphy, stated that the reason why companies fire employees is not because they aren't skilled enough, but it's because they have a different objective that doesn't sit well with the company.

9. Communication

In order to avoid problems – like the one above – the key measurement is communication. A good accountant must be open to his client on his views so both parties could meet eye-to-eye, avoiding unwanted trouble. And lastly,

10. Principled

There's no other better person to be part of your company than a man who is honorable and righteous. If you've got this down, your company is sure to climb sharply.

February 13, 2017