Questions about bookkeeping services

As your small business grows, you will have limited time to spend on your bookkeeping services. You can always hire an in-house bookkeeper, but this will mean incurring costs on wages, benefits and infrastructure, something a small business owner cannot afford. The other option is focusing on maintaining your books. This will spell disaster for your business, as it will detract you from your business goals. Under such circumstances the best alternative is outsourced bookkeeping.


However, when seeking professional bookkeeping for small business, you cannot stop at the first name you get. You have to do your homework and due diligence so that you get a bookkeeper who understands your business's needs and also has the skills and infrastructure to provide seamless service. Of course, you will have questions about the bookkeeping services before jump onto the bandwagon.

How to choose the right outsourced bookkeeping services?

When shortlisting an adept and professional bookkeeping services for small business use these five criteria to narrow the list down to one service provider.

1. Management Structure:

Find out the management structure of the service provider so that you are certain there is a team who is managing your accounting and bookkeeping services needs. Regardless of the changes in the team, this will not affect the services provided to you.

2. Expertise:

Make sure the bookkeeping services have the right expertise to seamlessly manage your work. The service provider should have a team of skilled accountants and bookkeepers who know the regulations and laws to ensure top-notch service. IBN Technologies Limited is an outsourcing services provider that has a team of industry experienced team of bookkeeping service professional.

3. Availability:

Reliable and reputable bookkeeping services for small business are available whenever clients require them. This way your queries, doubts and questions can be addressed when the need arises.

4. Professionalism:

You can ascertain the delivery and quality of work based on your interaction with the bookkeeping services. If the service provide is a professional, you have no need to fear, and you can expect quality service.

5. Cost:

Your budget should allow you to choose the best bookkeeping service for your needs. However, to save money, do not compromise on quality, as you risk non-compliance. This can compound into a serious problem. IBN has proven track record of providing qualitative bookkeeping services, payroll processing services, tax preparation services and virtual CFO services at 40% of the cost.

Will my financial data be secure with outsourced bookkeeping for small business?

One of the biggest worries your small business will have is about the security and safety of the financial data. Confidentiality is part of professional bookkeeping for small business. So the service provider will take all measures to keep your financial data completely secured. Also, the information will never be shared with anyone unless permitted by you. Even internal access usually is restricted to only authorise team members. You need not to worry about loss of data, as bookkeeping services for small business always maintain multiple backups so that chances of loss data are virtually nil. You can access your data at any time when the information is stored in the cloud. IBN Technologies Limited also assists client's in safe and secure data migration.

Are outsourced bookkeeping services affordable for small business owners?

One of the main reasons to opt for bookkeeping services is to reduce your overheads and make your business more productive and efficient. So you can rest assured knowing professional bookkeeping service will be an economical resource. Most bookkeeping service providers charge based on the accounting services you require and this allows you to tailor the services to your business needs, thereby saving unnecessary expenses.

If you have more questions about outsourced bookkeeping services or you want to know how these services can add value to your small business, feel free to contact us.

February 15, 2016